welcome to ralune.stylistic eclipse

Hi, my name is Jim Rabon, welcome to Ralune. The name is a combination of the Egyptian sun god “Ra” and “Lune,” another name for the moon. On Earth, in every 24 hour cycle the sun and the moon are part of our lives. This is one of the places on the web where these two eclipse daily.

I hope you enjoy this site. Please reach me with comments about improving the site. As time passes and I receive feedback, the site will improve. I just read an article titled Calling All Designers: Learn to Write! on the website A List Apart. I’ll take the advice and learn to write.

From visiting websites, especially the good ones, I find most designers have pretty much taught themselves how to get around of this maze of techniques and “hacks,” and they are willing to share their knowledge. I have learned a lot from these folks, some of which are listed in the links (places) section. I am grateful to them for helping to show me the way. There are some great, caring, sharing folks out there. Thank you all.

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